Scrum Health ProFile

Working on a Scrum Health Profile to provide an immersive learning experience. The framework is also incorporating complexity management, with an initial focus on OODA loops  

The Srum Health Profile is planned to be a fractal of a wider Enterprise Health Profile that will progressively build other frameworks. That will include DevOps Team Practices

The framework is built in an AWS server-less stack to scale and integrate the incredible research the is continually evolving. The project is using cloud native architecture, rest API’s and plan to use event driven architectures and data streams in the near future to support a unique and scalable learning experience

Agile Game - Story Telling

We are experimenting with an online story, as an agile process. Where the user community is building the story-line. To build and interact with the community through multiple channels and layers of interactivity.

With this contextual storytelling localized to teams that can make things more personnel an connect people to build story bridges. 

In this emergent “game play” we do not understand the end result. It emerges through story telling and chaos theory

It will be built on multiple interaction points, cloud native and not dictated by any any format and using multiple access technologies , to provide the user an immersive experience

Sentiment Analysis of Agile Maturity Parameters

A fictitious organization has been growing very quickly and maturing the health of their DevOps. After each product release the Delivery Teams want to understand how consumers are enjoying and using their products. Additionally the delivery teams want to ensure that the consumers are are having a good experience with their services .

The company sees an opportunity the Delivery and customer experience teams to work closer together to capture the following insights from social media and  operational metrics and logs. Specifically from social media :

  • How consumers are using their products
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Plan future road maps 
Establishing  POC using AWS cloud based services to build and application on Amazon EC2, to poll the social media sites through their respective API’s and operational metrics to create AWS Kinesis streams for  each site and then using lambda function for processing and normalizing the data and requesting  sentiment analysis predictions from Amazon Machine Learning 

Business Process Management - The Next Wave

The promise of the next wave of BPM services will be more be more visually driven, low-code environment to better enable collaboration across business and IT and foster greater innovation and organisational agility 

The cloud will provide more opportunities to develop integrate and automate processes with artificial intelligence and robotics, to unify business processes, customer journeys and DevOps end-to-end. And through real-time insights from operations and market intelligence will increase the agility and scalability of business  

The cloud will redefine BPM to manage much richer immersive complex environments. The cloud will continue to build “virtual networks of inter-operating clouds (private, public and hybrid), and business complexity will grow exponentially. A new wave of BPM tools and methods is required to build businesses that can operate in complex ecosystems, and are adaptive work on the edge of chaos  

New wave of business process management (BPM) –  Don’t become that boiling frog 

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