Great User Stories

Great User Stories can be used with the INVEST principle. The acronym INVEST helps to remember a widely accepted set of criteria, or checklist, to assess the quality of a user story. The INVEST principles can be applied to all both business persona stories and “technical stories”. Which are  becoming increasingly intertwined, as most companies turn …

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Agile Health – How to see the trees from the woods

To improve you organizational agility  you need to objectively access your priorities, understand you bottlenecks  and determine if that change had been successful. This requires a metrics driven framework, using metrics gathering techniques to improve your process and practice Maturity assessments or health checks help cut through the noise and concentrate efforts where it makes …

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Can you have continuous requirements  In a world where IoT is gaining momentum, and processes are becoming more automated, this continuous motoring surely  must be making requirements gathering easier or is it ?   Agile software development teams embrace change, accepting that requirements will evolve throughout a project. Practitioners will do just enough initial requirements to …

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