Agile Health – How to see the trees from the woods

To improve you organizational agility  you need to objectively access your priorities, understand you bottlenecks  and determine if that change had been successful. This requires a metrics driven framework, using metrics gathering techniques to improve your process and practice

Maturity assessments or health checks help cut through the noise and concentrate efforts where it makes the biggest difference . This can then be a powerful team enabler when integrated into a team’s retrospective as they reflect on their performance and discuss ideas and action items to adjust behaviors.

Maturity assessments are contextual and should only be used to help develop and iterative road-map that  is grounded in  lean-agile principles and adopting a “principles based design methodology”. Where culture and behavior is guided by the agile principles, operationalised through process, automated with tools and supported with evidence/data driven approach,  Rather than mindlessly following canned methodologies and automation programs. 

There are many excellent assessment in the market, Comparative Agility, Spotify health checks , Agility Health Radars, Lean Agile Intelligence, Agile Fluency Project , Safe Team Self Assessment  

I like to start from an enterprise capability frame, and then decompose the capabilities into into integrated value streams , that operate as a self organizing agile network. Other elements of this design include 

  1. Extensible for a rapidly changing technology market and to support and E2E  business systems view, leading to model where metrics and dashboards will  be captured from data logs and machine learning will automate the you agile blue print freeing people with higher order activities to re-imagine your agile maturity using data, insights and digital experiences. 
  2. Promotes the co-existence of and integration of  business and software development into Agile network of interconnect and loosely coupled value stream that self organize to support the principle  customer value streams



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