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Adopt agile mindsets and new ways of working through integrated business and software delivery

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Although many organizations now see agile transformations as an organizational wide strategy many are still adopting a siloed business unit approaches. At agreenfrog we help ensure that the teams effectively work towards a common goal and align the enterprise workflows.

Connect Portfolio Products, Teams and Code changes with Visual Engineering Techniques to help you adopt and scale agile practices.

We work with all scaling frameworks like SAFe Scaled Framework, Scum.org, Nexus, Disciplined Agile (DAD), LeSS Large Scrum of Scrum, Spotify to any bespoke frameworks 

Let us help you meet digital initiative ambitions through cloud platforms taking a whole of business path approach

Agile - A whole of business approach

Deliver your projects in a disciplined manner, through sustainable cloud services and agile development practices

Agile Solutions and Products

Evolve product architecture through the emergent design of complex systems 

Scaled Programs

Powerful, scaled “shift left policies”

Native Digital Teams

Empowered self organizing  independent teams 

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them” Albert Einstein


Then there was the Cloud

Integrating new capabilities for new ways of working

Always looking for inspiration

Behavior patterns across organizations and their inter dependencies. From providing Psychological safety, to shared mental models, coaching  and mentoring, through to team design, learning and effectiveness

What happens when there is no leader, does leadership emerge ?, listen Radiolab, for insights into comparisons to with fire-flyologists, ant experts, neurologists, a mathematician, and an economist.

Leverage complexity management to better manage organizational uncertainty and disorder. Dave Snowden refers to complexity the science of inherent uncertainty and provides practical applications of complexity theory to management science through his Cynefin framework to help us understand context to apply the correct method or leadership approach in changing situations.  

When linked the OODA loop which is an individual and organizational learning and adaption process it can provide for key insights in increasing organizational agility as we get a better understand how the OODA loop can be applied in each Cynefin domain

The orient step of the OODA loop is the focal point of the loop because that where our mental models exist. Using mental models is key to making better decision. FS refers to a scalable Latticework of Mental Models. There are other examples like liberating structures and agile frameworks like scrum

Adopt value stream networks by combining big data, machine learning and visualization. Use cloud native architectures with server less design patters to integrate data stream across Operational Logs, Business Process,  Customer Journey Maps, Robotic Flows, Business Rules Engines into streaming services to amplify your teams ability to innovate 

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